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17 killed as Amphan lashes 26 districts of Bangladesh

At least 17 people were killed as super cyclone Amphan battered 26 coastal and northern districts of Bangladesh with hurricane strength winds for 15 hours from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning.

The affected districts lay in ruins with thousands of houses and other infrastructures such as bridges and government offices damaged and vast agricultural land either levelled or inundated when the storm turned into a depression around 9:00 am Thursday.

The super cyclone weakened after making landfall in the coastal region of West Bengal in India near the Bangladesh border and moved across the shores of the two countries, it left a swathe of destruction.

Hundreds of tress, electricity poles and cell towers were uprooted and shattered and mango and banana orchards were also affected in south-western and northern districts.

As people left the cyclone shelters, where about 24 lakh people had been evacuated, they struggled to make their way back home with roads badly damaged or flooded with water and floodwater still gushing through dozens of breaches made in the coastal protection embankments. (Web Desk)

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