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Coronavirus in India: Confirmed cases surge to 3,374; 77 others die

The total number of confirmed coronavirus case in India rose to 3,374 on Sunday, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Out of these cases, 3030 are active cases, 267 have been cured or discharged while 77 others have succumbed to the deadly virus.
Meanwhile, in a bid to see whether the coronavirus is getting transmitted in the hotspot areas, ICMR has set a fresh protocol for healthcare workers to start with rapid antibody-based blood test for COVID-19.

The top medical research body has framed a newer strategy for areas reporting in clusters (containment zone), in large migration gatherings and evacuee’s centers, where large number of COVID-19 cases are arising. ICMR stated that cases of Influenza-like Illness (ILI) are to be monitored in health facilities.
Any surge in cases are to be monitored and brought to the notice of surveillance officer or chief medical officer for additional investigation.
Amid a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, Prime Minister Modi on Friday appealed to countrymen to light diyas and candles todau 5 at 9 pm to fight the darkness spread by the pandemic.
He asked the people to turn off all the lights in their homes and stand at doors or balconies and light candles or diyas, torches or mobile flashlights for 9 minutes on April 5. (Web Desk)

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