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Muslims Of IoK In Grave Danger: OIC Ambassadors To UN

NEW YORK (Web Desk) – At a virtual meeting of OIC Ambassadors to the UN, Pakistan has warned that Muslims of India Occupied Kashmir (IoK) are in grave danger.

In his remarks, Pakistan’s Ambassador to UN Munir Akram said that the aim of the BJP-RSS government in India is to cleanse the country of all vestiges of its Islamic heritage. He said that expatriate Hindu extremists actively promoted Islamophobia agenda and even insulted their host countries.

The ambassador said that while world’s attention was riveted on the COVID-19 crisis, the Modi government promulgated arbitrary regulations to allow non-Kashmiris to acquire Kashmiri domicile, opening the door to a demographic flooding designed to change the Muslim majority State into a Hindu majority territory.

Several OIC Ambassadors including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Malaysia and Egypt welcomed Pakistan’s proposal and need for a concerted OIC position on Islamophobia at the UN.

Earlier, PM Imran Khan reiterated that a false flag operation was imminent from India to divert the world’s attention away from its ongoing genocide in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK).

In a tweet, he said 15 homes torched by Indian Occupation forces in Srinagar as 900 thousands (900K) security forces subject Kashmiris to brutal oppression.

Imran Khan said Modi’s Hindutva Supremacist Occupation Government is committing war crimes in IOJ&K including changing the demography in violation of 4th Geneva Convention.

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