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Palestinian President calls for end to agreements with Israel

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he has decided to stop implementing agreements with Israel amid worsening relations between the two sides.

The President termed Israel’s demolition of several dozen Palestinian homes on the outskirts of east Jerusalem as “ethnic cleansing” and said he will take steps to terminate all agreements with Israel.

Abbas issued a statement following a meeting of PLO leaders in Ramallah on Thursday. The president said he would form a committee to advance ending all signed agreements with Israel, but it wasn’t clear such a move had a timeline.

The president’s remarks came three days after Israel leveled several buildings it says were built too close to its West Bank separation barrier after a years-long legal battle.

Abbas restated his opposition to President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” between Israel and the Palestinians, and said that “Palestine and Jerusalem are not for sale or bargain.”

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